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Simi Valley Pest Control

Simi Valley Pest Control

With years of experiencing providing Simi Valley pest control services, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you call AAction Pest Control. Our team of exterminators have years of experience handling all forms of specialized and general pest control services throughout Ventura.

We take care of our local friends and family by providing fast and affordable 24/7 pest control services.

Common Simi Valley Pest Control Problems

Our team of local pest control professionals are trained to handle just about any problem, including everything from bed bugs and bee hives to rats and raccoons.

A few common pests we handle in Simi Valley include the following:

How to Avoid A Pest Control Problem

One of the best ways to avoid a pest control problem in Simi Valley is to take preventative action, which includes keeping your property clean and hiring a professional to conduct seasonal property inspections.

AAction Pest Control professionals will inspect your entire property to ensure it’s free of any potential pest control problems. Our years of experience providing Simi Valley pest control services has provided us the insight needed to spot and resolve issues common to the area and its local pests.

We recommend home owners hire a professional to conduct a thorough property inspection every season because it ensures you the opportunity to identify potential pest entrances to your home and avoid future pest control problems.

A few tips:

  • Make sure any cracks on the exterior of your home are sealed
  • Repair rotting areas, including roof shingles and fascia
  • Make sure your garbage containers seal tight
  • Keep tree branches and shrubs away from your home
  • Store firewood away from the house
  • Make sure crawl spaces are well ventilated

Simi Valley Pest Control … And Beyond

We provide professional pest control services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County, so you can rest assured we have your back if you find yourself face to face with a pest control problem. Make us your choice for local exterminators next time you need help with a pest management issue.

AAction Pest Control services the Ventura and Los Angeles counties, so whether you’re in Simi Valley or Northridge.

Have a pest infestation or any sort?

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