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The Warning Signs of an Ant Infestation

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Carpenter ants appear small and insignificant, but in actuality they are capable of causing extensive damage to your home. There are several ways to detect an ant infestation. If you notice any of these warning signs, it is recommended you contact a pest control service as soon as possible.


When Not to Worry


Do not fret if you catch sight of an ant in your home; this is not conclusive proof that you have an infestation. Carpenter ants have a tendency to wander great distances from their nests in search of food. Seeing a single ant in your home does not necessarily mean there is a horde of them hiding within your walls.


When to Worry


More substantial signs of an ant infestation include:


  • The presence of wood shavings
  • Noises emanating from the walls
  • Evidence of wood damage, specifically small holes


When you notice any one of these signs, it is time to contact pest control. It is possible there are other causes behind the noises and the wood shavings, but it is better not to take any chances. An exterminator can inspect your home and definitively determine whether or not you have an infestation.


The Risk of Ignoring the Signs


Carpenter ants cause only minor damage at first, but they take a toll on your home when left in peace. The pests burrow into any wood they can find in order to build their nests. Over time such actions cause the wood to expand, resulting in extensive damages. Those who allow carpenter ants to reside in their house must eventually contend with costly home repairs or replacements. For this reason, you are advised to take control of an ant infestation before it grows to unmanageable proportions.


While a single ant poses no problem, an entire nest of them inspires serious chaos. If you notice any signs of an ant infestation, schedule an appointment with an exterminator and free your home of these harmful pests.



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