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What Types of Spiders are in Your Thousand Oaks Home?

Spider Removal in Thousand Oaks | AActionPC.netThousand Oaks gets its name from the plentiful oak trees that dot the landscape in this beautiful Southern California community. With so many beautiful trees and plants in the area, it is hard not to feel at one with nature if you live in this city. Unfortunately, nature can sometimes intrude on the sanctity of your home in the form of arachnids, and when that happens, it is important to hire an expert in spider removal in Thousand Oaks to eliminate the problem.


Truthfully speaking, it does not matter what kind of dwelling you call home. Spiders and human beings prefer the same kind of living conditions, so the odds are that there are already spiders in your living space. Even though most spider bites only cause mild itching for humans, their small size and ability to rapidly reproduce are reasons enough to stop an infestation before it becomes a problem.


There are, however, two major groups of spiders that can cause problems for human beings: widows and recluse spiders. If you suspect that any spiders from these two groups are in your home, it is imperative that you consult a company that specializes in spider removal in Thousand Oaks to assess the situation and take corrective action. Here is how you can identify these two groups of spiders.


Black Widow | AActionPC.netWidow spiders, whether they are black or brown, can be identified by that famous hourglass marking on a female’s abdomen. Generally speaking, females are the ones to watch, as the males are pretty much regarded as harmless. While Black Widows are the most dangerous of the group, Brown Widow bites can be quite painful for humans.


Recluse spiders are also known as “violin spiders” because of the violin-shaped markings on their heads. The bite from a recluse spider is considered a “necrotic bite,” as it causes major skin damage surrounding the bite area, and can produce a large open sore that takes a long time to heal.


You have plenty of choices when it comes to spider removal in Thousand Oaks, so it is important to trust a company that has experience dealing with all of these different types of spiders. Whether it is an infestation of simple house spiders or you have concerns that something more dangerous could be lurking, the trusted hand of an expert can keep your home happy and spider-free.


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