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Cockroach Removal In Simi Valley

Roach Removal in Simi Valley


When a building has an infestation of cockroaches, it requires a fast treatment from exterminators because this insect reproduces both quickly and frequently.


There are several species of this insect that are common in the United States, and cockroaches thrive in the year-round warm climate of the Simi Valley located in California.


An exterminator is able to identify a particular species of cockroach in order to determine how it is entering a building and where the insects are nesting in order to customize a treatment plan.


Identify the Type of Cockroach


There are several types of cockroaches throughout the country.


German and Brown-banded cockroaches tend to inhabit buildings, while the American and Oriental cockroach tend to live outdoors. With the said, it’s not uncommon for the latter types to occasionally invade a building.


Cockroaches are medium to large-size insects with long antennae, flattened shape, and prominent shield-like protection behind the head. As nocturnal insects, cockroaches are rarely discovered during the day.


Common types include the following:


  • Oriental cockroach – dark brown or black bodies
  • German cockroach – light-brown coloration and fast breeding
  • American cockroach  – largest variety with brown or red bodies and wings
  • Brown-banded cockroach – dark brown or red bodies and the males have wings


There are hundreds of types of cockroaches that can invade a home, and many varieties are invasive species that originated in other countries.


Preventing New Cockroach Infestations


When an exterminator can determine the type of cockroaches inside a building, it is possible to understand if the insects are invading primarily for food or to find a breeding site.


Most cockroaches are seeking nourishment, and the insects tend to invade buildings where there is easy to find food. Not only can an exterminator apply natural, biological or manufactured pesticides to eliminate adult cockroaches and eggs, but also, the expert can provide advice to prevent infestations in the future.


Biological or Natural Extermination


Cockroaches are able to hide in the tiniest spaces inside a building, and when an exterminator begins to apply pesticides, the insects scurry deep into wall spaces and insulation.


Any insects that survive the first application of pesticides will breed young that are more resistant to chemical treatments, and this is why biological treatments are valuable instead.


With biological treatments, the cockroaches carry the chemicals back to a nest to kill other insects or will become infertile, making it impossible to breed. While anyone with cockroaches wants to eradicate the insects immediately, an exterminator may recommend natural pesticides to prevent chemical contamination or biological treatments to reduce the population of younger insects.


Cockroaches in Simi Valley


If you’ve discovered one cockroach in your home, there’s a good chance there are more.


To prevent the problem from worsening, we recommend calling your local pest control specialist a call. You don’t want to let the problem go unaddressed for too long, as cockroaches have the ability to reproduce very quickly.


What may seem like a gross problem, could grow into a problem that interrupts your daily life.

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