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How To Rid Your Home of “Apple Pests”

Apple Pests | Aaction Pest


Apples attract a lot of unwanted pests to the inside of your home, including maggots, worms, and fruit flies. This can become frustrating to anyone who covets the household staple of a juicy fruit bowl display.


Whether you harvest your own apples or buy them fresh from a grocery store or farmer’s market, discovering spoiled fruit is always a letdown … especially with apple pie and apple cider season upon us.


The best form of prevention from apple pests, if you grow your own, is to make sure your garden is weed free and in pristine condition. Pests are drawn to unkempt gardens and rotting fallen fruit nearby, be certain to dispose of any stray apples left around.


Be sure to also rake up any tree debris like fallen leaves and branches, keep grass trimmed and use wire mesh guards instead of plastic.


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