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The Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle | AActionPC.netThe mountain pine beetle is a major threat to forests as they have infested 4 million acres causing significant loss in trees.  This insect chews up trees and then spits them out.  Canada has lost so many trees to this beetle that they have started a “releaf” program which replaces trees they’ve lost.  The mountain pine beetle lives for a year and the female produces around 75 eggs.

Mountain pine beetles go after weak trees.  An infestation of this insect can be recognized by a pitch tube which looks like chewed up gum on a tree.  Colorado State University suggests spraying healthy trees with a protective coating in the spring, cutting down infested trees, and keeping forests thing and healthy in order to prevent infestation.

When the mountain pine beetle spits out wood, it comes out a blue color.  Instead of letting the wood go to waste, designers have been using the wood for things such as iPhone and tablet cases.


Click HERE for the full article on Science Line.

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